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Wooden Charcoal Korean Village BBQ House offers customers an unforgettable experience, from an endless menu of freshly prepared meats, seafood and vegetables to refreshing, traditional Korean side dishes. (side dish); You will experience a variety of complex flavors that can truly give your palate a new taste perception.

" Cooking is at once one of the simplest and most gratifying of the arts, but to cook well one must love and respect food. "

Craig Claiborne

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  • I love this place so much! The quality of the food is amazing and they are very generous with portion sizes, including the banchan you receive with your meal. The staff was very nice and attentive and we received our order fairly quickly. I will definitely be returning here once restrictions are lifted and it's safe to eat out.

    Samantha C. - Korean Village customer

  • I went here with my family and the portions are huge and the service was great! I also like that they were able to accommodate the some of the dishes into vegetarian friendly options. I absolutely loved the yam noddles with veggies and vegetable tempera! I will definitely be coming back here with my family. They loved the taste of all the meats and and have a lot of fun eating here.

    Jessica A. - Korean Village customer

  • By far this is the best korean bbq I've been to. Its been my favorite go to korean bbq. The enviorment is homey and the bbq is so good. The restaurant is also always clean and the staff are hella friendly. They use charcoal compared to a lot of the newer kbbq places which use a gas stove etc. With the charcoal it adds a good flavor. I think this is the only restaurant in SF that has charcoal. My dad has been going to this place since he was a teen, and I can see why.

    Lillian A. - Korean Village customer

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